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Stupid people saying stupid things
Note: The screennames have been censored so that people who do not know these people cannot figure out their screennames, but people who know them can tell who it is. In otherwords, I've only censored out a few letters in each one.
These people really did say these things, and they haven't been edited.

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(00:27:19) *********: i dont really do that
(00:27:42) ************: i didnt really suck dick and look at me now!

sportymomma****6: i better get put on
sportymomma****6: i dont talk to you for nothin' you know.

(20:10:39) MadCow***1: ok, so, first off, could u do me a favour and help me edit a video (i have no editing software)
(20:11:08) Steevven1: only if you never spell favor or any other word with an unnecessary "u" again.

(19:54:03) MadCow***1: dude, i thought of a million dollar idea
(19:54:29) MadCow***1: u know how everybody likes white meat chicken better than dark meat (except for black ppl)
(19:54:38) Steevven1: yeah
(19:54:52) MadCow***1: a genetically altered chicken that is all white meat
(19:55:02) Steevven1: thats so messed up
(19:55:16) MadCow***1: by messed up, do u mean freaking awesome?

(00:40:31) Steevven1: USE CONTEXT CLUES.
(00:41:31) X***okenXwings: ???
(00:41:53) Steevven1: i dunno, but it's always a good idea to use context clues.

(20:14:38) Steevven1: bye, less cool girl.
(20:14:48) TheOp*****Cliche: bye, cooler than me guy

(20:59:34) Steevven1: she's pretty, at least on myspace

(17:09:16) P*******cesschan: carly's back hurts ;-;
(17:10:35) Steevven1: steven doesnt speak in the third person.

11:03 Fili****C plays Mana Leak targeting Mirari's Wake.
11:03 Steevven1: grr.

P*******cesschan: today in class anthony asked if we could have a force field over our utopia
P*******cesschan: teacher said no cuz the technology is too advanced, and even if it were feasable, we couldn't use it for this project b/c itd solve too many problems.
P*******cesschan: without missing a beat, anthony responded "oh, ok...we'll have to find another way to keep the immigrants out."

(16:14:42) MadCow***1: steven keys needs to update his site
(16:14:47) MadCow***1: crap, wrong window again

(21:09:51) P*******cesschan: You spelled drools wrong -.-
(21:10:03) Steevven1: it's the spelling.
(21:10:06) Steevven1: it's not wrong.

Steevven1: what version of aim do you have?
Aussie*****789: what the hell man theres only one version

Steevven1: im dr. steven, phd
P*******cesschan: pretty haughty dimwit?
Steevven1: who says haughty?
P*******cesschan: Can you think of another insulting adjective that starts with h?

(22:42:03) MadCow***1: i have so many important things to do already, xbox, and...masturbate

MadCow***1: dude, on myspace, if u get a message, it says u can spam/abuse


ty***er1 (5:08:12 PM): im guna flunk adv. math this year
Steevven1 (5:08:19 PM): why?
ty***er1 (5:08:33 PM): i got a really hawt teacher
ty***er1 (5:12:15 PM): my math teacher just came out of college and shes only 24

Steevven1 (5:45:55 PM): if you'd like to claim that livejournal is gay, but not other blogs, you must love ads.

TheOp*****Cliche (4:11:13 PM): my dog is wheezing and everytime i turn around he stops
TheOp*****Cliche (4:11:25 PM): the littkle bastard is doing it for attention

(02:37:41) Steevven1: ;-P
(02:37:44) Steevven1: :-P**
(02:38:03) Dar*****tsune: how can you misspell a smiley?
(02:38:27) Steevven1: im steven
(02:38:30) Steevven1: thats how.

LetterKill***6 (1:18:06 AM): lol r u making fun of me
Steevven1 (1:18:11 AM): yes.

Dar*****tsune (10:38:00 PM): patrick and I will try to start a woodsball team, it is called IWG
Steevven1 (10:38:09 PM): thats cool
Steevven1 (10:38:15 PM): iwg = ?
Dar*****tsune (10:38:24 PM): Idiots With Guns

Hail*****KingB (3:21:04 PM): you learn all kinds of things freshman year, dont worry, eventually the unschedueled boners go away

sha*****cker*: we are geting snow
Steevven1: you should get like 95 gallons of gasoline and a match...and melt it all...then go swimming
Steevven1: in the gasoline infested waters

INx*****xDEATH: omg
INx*****xDEATH: that undiwear i bought IS a thong

Steevven1: sounds pretty boss ill have to check it on the flip side
x3 m*********ose: word

honeybu****0: wat indian tribe r u from
airjor****66: not an indian tribe
airjor****66: im from INDIA
airjor****66: idiot
honeybu****0: doesnt it make u indian if ur from india
airjor****66: yup
honeybu****0: omg i'm so confused
honeybu****0: wat tribe r u from then

pp*******othic08: ugh u make me rage in madness

Steevven1: are u the only one that touches ur computer?
ke***w0: i'm the onhly person usually
ke***w0: my gf sometimes uess it
Steevven1: so its like ur weiner!
ke***w0: mostly

Auto response from Steevven1: hey, whats up?
sk8er4ife***0: damn you

Jus********Tear1 (2:12:18 PM): i luv sex its so much funn

sk8er4life***0 (1:25:49 PM): do you know what game looks cool?
Steevven1 (1:26:02 PM): super mario bros.?
sk8er4life***0 (1:26:16 PM): no its for computer
Steevven1 (1:26:21 PM): oh
Steevven1 (1:26:28 PM): centipede?

Steevven1 (4:24:06 PM): "you not all that and a bag of chips so get over yourself."
um dude.....yeah....i am....
XyOuR********X (4:24:34 PM): haha..i know you are steven.that was def. not to you.

sk8er4life**** (6:14:07 PM): you have a live journal?!!
Steevven1 (6:14:14 PM): shhhhh
Steevven1 (6:14:16 PM): not so loud

Auto response from airjor****66 (10:46:01 PM):

Steevven1 (4:22:08 PM): brb
inco***ng (4:22:14 PM): LIES

under*****th (7:24:20 PM): do u use firefox
inco***ng (7:24:29 PM): i use napster
under*****th (7:24:39 PM): seriously
inco***ng (7:24:48 PM): yea
inco***ng (7:25:00 PM): its better than that peice of shit internet explorer
under*****th (7:25:15 PM): but wut about firefox
inco***ng (7:25:21 PM): meh napster > firefox
under*****th (7:26:02 PM): o well how do u get napster
inco***ng (7:26:14 PM): download it?
under*****th (7:26:39 PM): but i thought that napster is like kazaa and limewier
under*****th (7:26:49 PM): for music and stuff
inco***ng (7:26:48 PM): no its legal
inco***ng (7:27:22 PM): not the new napster that ones gay
inco***ng (7:27:34 PM): the classic one

Steevven1 (6:30:08 PM): how am i supposed to send it to u?
OnLy******33 (6:31:07 PM): i know

Steevven1 (6:34:01 PM): so how would you like me to send it to you?
OnLy******33 (6:34:27 PM): k

OnLy******33 (6:35:22 PM): well when i have a change i will get on the computer
Steevven1 (6:35:44 PM): what does that mean???!?!!!?!?!!?
OnLy******33 (6:37:12 PM): just send it to me when i get on the computre
Steevven1 (6:37:35 PM): um...

DeadRo******ox (11:27:28 PM): girls are vicious bitches. i promise.

WHAT*****3569 (2:09:55 PM): yah i kinda caught a bowl of macaroni on fire and started to freak out and poured something flammable on it so yah

WHAT*****3569 (2:12:20 PM): well it is not my fault no one ever told me that you couldn't put tinfoil in the microwave

Dar*****tsune (1:05:12 PM): hello my canine, what is ascending

f0rEvErYoUr****: hey
Auto response from Steevven1: hey, whats up?
f0rEvErYoUr****: nuthin much u?

WHAT*****33569 (8:06:12 PM): and one thing we will play is truth or dare
WHAT*****33569 (8:07:19 PM): but if you are doing a dare becareful cause some of my neighbors are like rednecks and have the whole shotgun thing going

Steevven1 (11:12:34 PM): lol
WHAT*****33569 (11:13:05 PM): did i say something funny?
Steevven1 (11:14:00 PM): no

Dar*****tsune (4:47:19 PM): I BROKE AN ELECTIRICAL OUTLET!!!
Dar*****tsune (4:47:54 PM): in biology, we were doing a group writing thingy
Dar*****tsune (4:48:14 PM): i was bored so i found a peice of metal on the ground
Dar*****tsune (4:48:21 PM): bent it
Dar*****tsune (4:49:03 PM): and stuck it in the socket, it had like an on/off switch so i turned it on
Dar*****tsune (4:49:14 PM): it started sizzling/
Dar*****tsune (4:49:22 PM): and glowing
Dar*****tsune (4:49:27 PM): and smoking
Steevven1 (4:49:26 PM): wow ur dumb/awesome

Dar*****tsune (4:58:00 PM): why won't the stupid kids just give the rabbit some Trix?
Steevven1 (4:58:20 PM): theyre selfish brats that deserve to die.
Steevven1 (4:58:41 PM): WWJD, frickin trix hoodlums!!!

o0*****er0o (6:17:44 PM): i did your mom
SmarterChild (6:17:45 PM): You did my mom, I did my mom, we all did my mom.

Steevven1 (6:18:44 PM): i did your mom
SmarterChild (6:18:44 PM): Well, maybe I did my mom too.

La**eos (9:49:50 PM): maybe I'll work for NSA and try to break codes, and be like "Fuck this, these codes are too hard," so I'll just cheat by flying to Kazakhstan and extorting the codes from someone

BigbuBBa***8 (3:46:42 PM): yo what
BigbuBBa***8 (3:46:45 PM): up man
Steevven1 (3:47:09 PM): who is this?
BigbuBBa***8 (3:47:55 PM): oh sorry i thought this was a differant friend leave me alone

X***okenXwings (7:43:20 PM): please forgive me sex slave master steven

ninA***79 (8:34:57 PM): sup?
Steevven1 (8:35:09 PM): talking to my cousin
ninA***79 (8:35:22 PM): true
Steevven1 (8:35:47 PM): yes, it is true! thanks for trusting me